Orexi! is the National Post's Cookbook of the Week

Orexi! is the National Post's Cookbook of the Week

Posted: 2019/07/22   Source: National Post

Laura Brehaut of The National Post selects Orexi! by Chef Theo Michaels as their cookbook of the week and will be featuring several recipes and interviews this week.

First up is a charred chil and feta dip: 

"It’s almost a bit like melitzanosalata, which is the blackened aubergine (eggplant) dip,” Michaels says. “You get the smokiness. But when you (char) the chili, you get real heat from it but that’s also then combined with the feta as well, which gives it that creamy saltiness.”

“This dip is one of those recipes that you’ve probably not had before, because I made it,” he adds. “But when you eat it, you’re going to go, ‘It feels Greek. I haven’t tasted it before but it feels Greek.’ There are a couple of other flavours going on in there that are not always traditional but it works.”


A collection of over 80 classic and modern recipes from MasterChef semi-finalist Theo Michaels; paying homage to his heritage whilst championing new modern dishes inspired by the flavours of Greece ...
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