Chinese Medicine for the Modern World

Ancient Wisdom to Stop Worrying, Hurrying, and Overeating

Chinese Medicine for the Modern World

By:  Kihn, E Douglas

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Take charge of your health and create balance in your life with Chinese Medicine for the Modern World, a unique book for Chinese Medicine students that revolutionizes how the practice is used and taught in the 21st century. This comprehensive guide transforms traditional practices into effective methods for solving the three habits that cause the majority of our modern health problems: worrying, hurrying, and overeating.

Chinese Medicine for the Modern World discusses six common syndromes in our contemporary world, with a focus on the three internal syndromes of liver qi stagnation, heart heat, and spleen damp. These are caused by poor lifestyle choices and are responsible for most of today's health epidemics. E Douglas Kihn offers practical strategies and specific direction for substituting these unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

E Douglas Kihn, D.O.M., (Los Angeles, CA) is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist with twenty-five years of experience in Chinese medicine. He is also the author of Chinese Medicine for AmericansAvoiding Death Indefinitely, and The Workbook of Chinese Herbs.