100 Sounds to See

100 Sounds to See

By:  Engle, Marsha
Huber, William

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116 pg

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With all the distractions that are part of our waking hours, it is no wonder that the simplest sounds of an ordinary day are taken for granted. Sounds like the crackling of ice, raindrops on a rooftop, the crunch of toast as its buttered, and even turning the page of a book are so commonplace that we seldom--if at all--take time to appreciate them. Yet, when the ability to hear these everyday sounds is taken away—as in Marsha Engle's case—we are humbly reminded of their value.

As she was slowly losing her hearing, Marsha collaborated with photographer William Huber to capture these ordinary sounds in stunning photographs, and they have collected them here in this unique and breathtaking book for both the hearing and hearing impaired to enjoy. 100 Sounds to See is a tribute to the beauty of hearing and a gentle reminder to the hearing world to listen to and appreciate everyday sounds.

'This wonderful gem of a book rings clear and true like a well-tuned piano. Open the book anywhere and you won't leave the concert!' —Gordon Hempton, Emmy Award-winning acoustic ecologist and author of One Square Inch of Silence

Marsha Engle is a marketing executive who is legally deaf and communicates through lip reading and a hearing aid that amplifies the small amount of remaining hearing in her left ear. She sits on the board of the Geneva Academic Foundation and is president of Preservation Partners of the Fox Valley. -

William Huber has a gift for seeing extraordinary images in ordinary sights. He creates art that showcases subjects from a unique perspective. He works extensively in North America and Europe with a client roster that includes Hyatt, Novotel, Sofitel, Trump, and USG.