Brain Quest Grade 2 Math

Brain Quest Grade 2 Math

By:  Martinelli, Marjorie

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JUVENILE NONFICTION / Mathematics / General
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JUVENILE NONFICTION / School & Education
What do you call the line that cuts a circle in half? If May 31 is a Wednesday, what day of the week will June 2 be? Is the sum of 521+459 more or less than 1000? Plus operations, fractions, patterns, angles, three-dimensional shapes, Celsius and Farenheit, and: Rena’s baby sister is 1½ years old. How many months old is she? Math skills are crucial—and there’s no reason for students to struggle. Brain Quest Math Grade 2 teaches kids the fundamentals of math and the pleasure of being a problem solver with 1,000 curriculum-based questions and answers reflecting the latest school standards. Because learning plus practice, time, skill and drills add up to knowledge.

Vetted by a panel of America’s highest award-winning teachers, and embraced by kids and parents because it flat-out works, Brain Quest opens a world of information and education with its fast-paced question-and-answer format, bright full-color illustrations, and lively attitude.

Marjorie Martinelli has worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, teacher-researcher and an adjunct teacher at Bank Street College of Education. As a staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Marjorie currently helps teachers throughout New York City and in other locations across the country learn to lead effective reading and writing workshops. Marjorie has also worked collaboratively with classroom teachers in leadership groups which have inquired deeply into specific topics including writing in the primary grades, the role of literature in a writing workshop, and managing rigorous and gracious writing workshops. Marjorie is the mother of two daughters, Katherine and Christina, and her inspiration to write and to teach comes from them.