Green Bible Stories for Children

Green Bible Stories for Children

By:  Lehman-Wilzig, Tami
Bernhard, Durga Yael

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JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Jewish
JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / General
JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Jewish
Green Book Festival Awards Winner2012 -

Beginning with the story of Creation, the Bible teaches us to use and respect the land, conserve natural resources, and save energy. The Bible stories of Noah, Abraham, Joshua and others are retold, and reinforced with activities that will help young readers understand how to nurture and protect the environment.

"Beginning with the story of Creation, according to our author, the Bible teaches readers to respect the land and conserve natural resources. Stories from the Bible are retold in the author’s own language, often humorously. Titles of stories include: Greener Pastures, Abraham and Sustainable Herding; Reduce Reuse Recycle, Building the Tabernacle; and Every Seven Years, a Sabbath For the Land. Suggested kid-directed activities follow each story, which can be useful, particularly for parents and teachers who want to help children carry out simple projects to involve them in recognition and care of their environment. In some stories, archaeological or historical points are also raised. The 'Noah’s Ark' activities focus on biodiversity in an age-appropriate fashion. 'Joseph in Egypt' focuses on creating a survival kit including a clever, hands-on set of directions for preserving pickles. The story of Joshua in which he commands the sun to stand still is a powerful jump-off to address the use of solar power. The Shmittah year, a yearlong rest from planting, presents the concept of sustainable agriculture, overcrowding, and preserving fruits. A nine-page potpourri follows the stories as a corollary, with Jewish-centered thoughts on topics such as Bal Tashchit (Don’t Waste or Destroy). The Biblical content is interwoven with contemporary environmental goals. Illustrations assist the reader in visualizing people and events from the Biblical periods and work well with the text. This new book, while interesting for children to read alone, can also be useful for Tu B’Shevat and Earth Day events. --Jewish Book WorldMagazine

An environmental theme unites nine Jewish bible stories enhanced with a variety of science and nature activities.

"The religiously focused narrative begins by stating that God’s 'perfectly planned planet' has been misused by humankind. Biblical figures such as Noah, Abraham, Joshua, Joseph and Moses demonstrate how the Bible is filled with ways to preserve and respect the earth. From Noah’s Ark and the flood, illustrating the beauty of the planet’s biodiversity, to Joshua’s need for sunlight to successfully defend the people of Gibeon with solar power, each scene is connected to a contemporary interpretation through introductory paragraphs and child-oriented projects. For example, noise pollution is addressed through the story of how Joshua destroyed Jericho first by surrounding the city walls with silence and then by using the loud trumpet blasts to crack the ramparts reinforcing the walls. This is followed by a simple science experiment that will observe whether two identical plants will grow differently under soothing classical and loud hard rock music. Biblical scenes done in gouache against white or pastel backgrounds alternate with easy-to-achieve directives in white panels set against a background that look like green handmade paper. A final 'potpourri' section deals with biblical laws and practices for a plethora of eco-friendly practices."

A credible, ethical approach to teaching environmental science and responsibility under a Judaic umbrella. (Religion. 5-9) --Kirkus ReviewsJournal

Born in the United States, Tami Lehman-Wilzig now lives in Israel. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and an M.A. in Communications from Boston University. She is one of Israel's leading English language copywriters. Her children's books include Tasty Bible Stories, Keeping the Promise, Passover Around the World, Hanukkah Around the World and Zvuvi’s Israel. She lives in Kfar Saba, Israel.