Scars & Stripes

The Culture of Modern Roller Derby

Scars & Stripes

By:  Suzy Hotrod
Timothy Travaglini
Andréanna Seymore

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PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Sports
SPORTS & RECREATION / Roller & In-Line Skating
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Join photographer and skater Andréanna Seymore on her fearless journey through the world of roller derby, beginning with her serendipitous introduction to the sport in 2008. Modern roller derby is a vibrant, empowering, and revolutionary movement transitioning from obscure subculture to mainstream pastime on both a national, as well as global, stage. Action-packed and emotionally provocative photographs taken over a five-year period reveal the joy, pain, and dedication of these athletes on and off the track. Enriched by riveting and often touching commentary from nearly one hundred skaters, coaches, fans, and referees, this book captures the daring, entrepreneurial spirit of the participants, the extraordinary bonds that form, and the invigorating and infectious fanaticism that characterizes every bout. An increasing number of male, co-ed, and junior leagues all share a strong, do-it-yourself ethic that combines fierce athleticism with elements from punk, camp, and third-wave feminist aesthetics. In part because of this non-discriminatory nature, roller derby is currently the fastest growing sport in America.
Andréanna Seymore earned her BFA in Photography from SVA and has been working as a professional photographer since. She has been developing Scars & Stripes for five years, traveling extensively to capture the culture of this fast-growing phenomenon.