Natural Dyeing with Plants

Glorious Colors From Roots, Leaves & Flowers

Natural Dyeing with Plants

By:  Ebner, Franziska
Hasenöhrl, Romana

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The fascinating luminosity of colors from plants can be easily transferred to wool, silk, or other materials at home. Necessary materials, pickling, the preparation of fibers or substances, and different dyeing methods are described in detail. This richly illustrated book also shows how the dyed materials can be felted or turned into woolen pictures. The traditional coloring of Easter eggs with natural colors or the coloring of the sun is also explained. Last but not least, the authors deal with trend-setting ecoprinting.

Franziska Ebner lives in Salzburg and has been dyeing with plants for about 30 years. She makes the dyed textiles into jewelry and decorative accessories.


Romana Hasenöhrl is a freelance author and also lives in Salzburg.