Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman

By:  Wright, Maureen
Gilpin, Stephen

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8.5 X 11.0 in
34 pg

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B-R-R-R-R! AH-CHOO! Sneezy the Snowman is cold, cold, cold. To warm up, he drinks cocoa, sits in a hot tub, stands near a warm fire—and melts! But the children know just what to do to build him up again—and make him feel “just right.” Hilarity chills the air with playful mixed-media illustrations by Stephen Gilpin as Sneezy attempts to warm himself with some silly results.

Maureen Wright is the author of a number of popular picture books, including Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!, Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!, and Share, Big Bear, Share!, all illustrated by Will Hillenbrand; the Amazon bestseller Sneezy the Snowman, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin; and Anna and the Tooth Fairy, illustrated by Anna Chernyshova. She lives with her husband, Don, in Athens, Pennsylvania. Learn more about the author at

Rob McClurkan is the author and illustrator of Aw, Nuts! and Playdates Rule! and has also illustrated a number of books, including Tough Tug by Margaret Read MacDonald and Sloth to the Rescue by Leanne Shirtliffe. He grew up in Tennessee, where his grandparents’ farm, Saturday morning cartoons, and the Sunday funnies fueled his imagination. Now he lives with family near Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Rob at

- I am an Author/Illustrator and my books have been published in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, the Far East, and featured on BBC TV.

I work in a couple of styles, which both share a bright and colourful look:

One is soft, gentle and cute, and the other is humourous/humorous, whimsical and quirky, but always fun and friendly.

Subject-wise my illustrations range from children, kids, toddlers and people (including cowboys and pirates), to animals, creatures, dinosaurs and monsters.

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