100 Snowmen

100 Snowmen

By:  Arena, Jen
Gilpin, Stephen

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8.3 X 10.2 in
24 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Concepts / Counting & Numbers
JUVENILE FICTION / Stories in Verse (see also Poetry)

1 + 1 = 2 snowmen.
3 + 4 = 7 snowmen.
5 + 6 = 11 snowmen.
Finally, 100 snowmen!
As you count and add,
watch the snowmen enjoy a snowball fight,
make funny faces, play hide-and-seek—
and just plain have fun.
And you’ll have fun, too!

I am an Author/Illustrator and my books have been published in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, the Far East, and featured on BBC TV.

I work in a couple of styles, which both share a bright and colourful look:

One is soft, gentle and cute, and the other is humourous/humorous, whimsical and quirky, but always fun and friendly.

Subject-wise my illustrations range from children, kids, toddlers and people (including cowboys and pirates), to animals, creatures, dinosaurs and monsters.

My artwork is used for children's books, picture books, novelty books, board books, flap books, book jackets/covers, and also for character creation, design and development.