Beauregard in a Box

Beauregard in a Box

By:  Hutchings, Jessica Lee
Bassani, Srimalie

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8.8 X 11.3 in
32 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Imagination & Play
JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Beauregard has always had big dreams. He wants to travel the world and see all the sites, but how could he possibly go around the globe if he is too scared to fly? With the help of one cardboard box and some amazing new friends, Beauregard goes on the adventure of a lifetime and realizes he is actually pretty brave after all! Includes brightly illustrated maps with geographic, animal, and cultural information (plus famous landmarks) and is a great storybook for visual learners.

Jessica Lee Hutchings is a trained chef with a degree from Johnson & Wales University. She has worked as a pretzel twister, watch salesperson, and high school teacher, but she has always dreamed about writing. Jessica is originally from Alabama but now lives in California with her husband Paul. She enjoys traveling to new places; revisiting old favorites, like Spain, Australia, and Hawaii; and eating doughnuts.


Srimalie Bassani lives and works in Mantova, Italy. Her mother has always encourages her artistic expression, and she is the inspiration for her passion. Her work is full of surprises. She always tries to diversify her style based on every story she illustrates. It's almost impossible to remove her from her writing desk, where she keeps a stack of books and teacups of many colors.