By:  Fitzpatrick, Joe
Nicholls, Paul

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9.0 X 9.0 in
20 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Ducks, Geese, etc.
JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories
JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner

Ducks will be ducks in this silly story that encourages little ones to march to their own beat and be true to themselves. Readers will love to giggle and count along as our little duck friend encounters a growing number of silly animals in this hilarious read. 

Quack is unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections.

—Midwest Book ReviewMidwest Book Review

If it quacks like a duck…it's just fun. Digitally designed caricatures of 10 animals populate the 20 pages of this simple adventure that also functions as a counting book. Oversized 9-inch-square pages provide room for an ever growing cast of animal characters who don't understand duck language. On the inside cover, the duck meets "ONE very BIG [and purple] elephant" and then two giraffes, three horses, four pigs, five monkeys, six flamingos, seven grasshoppers, eight spiders, and nine bluebirds. To each it says, "Quack!" and when it's not understood, "the duck just kept waddling…." The text is somewhat longer than in most board books, but the repeated sentence structure keeps it accessible. Number words and names of critters are in a larger font, which helps young children focus on this key information. Each animal busily does what that animal is best known for (eating leaves, grazing, rolling in mud, etc.). As a clever nod to a traditional counting song, the monkeys are jumping on the bed. On the next spread, the duck sees the flamingos standing on one leg and "wondered what the other leg was for." This joke will amuse adults but goes right past young children. However, they will want to pause on each spread to count the animals and "Quack!" with the duck. When at last the duck sees 10 other ducks, the volley of reply quacks invites readers to join in. Repeated quacks and a fair bit of waddling are guaranteed to quack up toddlers. 


Joe Fitzpatrick loves stories! He loves to hear them, see them, live them, think them up in his head, tell them to others, and (occasionally) write them down. When he writes them down and other people see them, read them, share them, tell them to others, twist them around and make them their own, it makes him happy. So he hopes you enjoy his stories, and he hopes you share them with others, because stories are more fun when they're shared!


Paul Nicholls is a freelance artist. He graduated with a BA Honors Degree from North Wales School of Art and Design in 2000. Paul lives on the coast of Mid Wales, where he shares a studio with his partner and fellow illustrator, Melanie Mitchell. They have two children. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, golf, and chasing the kids around the beach.