Garden Mosaics

19 Beautiful Projects to Make for Your Garden

Garden Mosaics

By:  Biggs, Emma
Hunkin, Tessa

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CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Nature Crafts

Create a colorful garden with tiles galore! With 19 stunning mosaic garden projects that range from simple to elaborate, create one-of-a-kind pots, garden ornaments, wall panels, and more! Each design contains step-by-step instructions and coordinating photography, as well as pattern templates.

Maybe you've cut your teeth refashioning a pretty broken plate or two into a funky tabletop, but Emma Biggs' and Tessa Hunkin's Garden Mosaics raises the bar. The artists leave no stone unturned when sharing the tools and tricks of the trade—from how to create and enlarge custom patterns to cutting pieces for circles and curves to grouting and framing—and their gorgeous projects feature helpful pictures of each critical step to ensure professional-looking results. The book has something for everyone, too. Beginners will learn useful techniques; more advanced crafters can challenge themselves. Bonus: They include patterns for everything! Flea Market Gardens magazine - Janet Mowat, Editorial Director

Growing food in our space is a necessity, making our gardens pretty is a luxury. Emma and Tessa in their book Garden Mosaics makes it easy to bring beauty into our gardens with their step by step instructions and easy to follow templates.The Urban Farm Podcast - Greg Peterson, Host

Emma Biggs is a professional mosaic artist. She set up the influential company Mosaic Workshop in 1987, which went on the be the UK's most thriving mosaic studio. She has been working solo since 2006. Emma's work is most closely associated with an interest in color and pattern. She began as a fabricator and mosaic maker for architectural contexts, but her personal work has increasingly focused on material culture and the social history of making. 


Tessa Hunkin trained and worked as an architect until 1989 when she joined Emma Biggs at the Mosaic Workshop. Mosaic offered a way of developing a lifelong interest in color and decoration while still working in an architectural context. The Workshop undertook a wide range of commissions for public and private clients, including Terence Conran, Baby Spice, the Sutlan of Oman, and the Aston Villa football club.