Get Started in Leather Crafting

Step-by-Step Techniques and Tips for Crafting Success

Get Started in Leather Crafting

By:  Laier, Tony
Laier, Kay

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CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Leatherwork

Discover leather crafting, an enjoyable craft that lasts a lifetime. Master leather artists show you all the basics of preparation, tools, stamping, tooling, carving, edge treatment, forming, moulding, embossing, coloring & finishing, stitching, lacing, braiding, and more.

There are projects to interest many different creative souls.
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Tony Laier has over 40 years experience in the leather industry as an award-winning leather artist, designer, writer, and teacher. Currently Director of Research and Development for Silver Creek Leather Company, Tony is also the master tooler for Steel Strike Leather Products, Inc., a high-end leather furniture company in Buena Vista, Colorado.


Kay Laier is an instructional writer with more than 40 years experience in the leather arts. Kay is also a multi-media and computer artist, with a BFA from Texas Tech University.