Growing Up in a Lesbian Home


By:  Lillibridge, Lara

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364 pg

SOCIAL SCIENCE / LGBT Studies / General
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Alternative Family
An honest, unfiltered memoir about a girl with an unconventional family.

“Lillibridge’s story is not told in first person nor does she ever use her name, referring to herself throughout simply as ‘Girl.’ This lends an almost clinical air to the story, which, Lillibridge writes, is not the one everyone wants her to tell. . . . and, besides, she concludes, ‘I want to be the most interesting character in my own story.’ And so she is.” —Booklist

“Stark, moving, and filled with rays of light, Lara Lillibridge’s memoir of growing up in a dysfunctional lesbian home takes readers far beyond names and labels into the heart of what it means to be ‘family.’ Written through the eyes of a girl gifted with wit, courage, and wisdom far beyond her years, Girlish is a troubling yet hopeful story of brokenness, resilience, and love.” Foreword Reviews

“This extraordinary book encompasses and embraces the complexities of twentieth- and twenty-first-century post-nuclear family realities. . . . This is the great strength of Girlish, a compelling memoir for our time.” —Sue William Silverman, author of Love Sick and The Pat Boone Fan Club

“I don’t know what’s more surprising—the aching originality of Lillibridge’s prose, or how funny this story about a truly dysfunctional family manages to be. Refusing to fall into one category, Girlish is brave, unruly, and startling in its freshness.” —Courtney Maum, author of Touch and I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

“Lara Lillibridge’s debut memoir shines. Girlish is a gripping coming-of-age story, one of an extraordinary childhood but, yet, also one of a child wishing she could just be more ordinary. Lara tells her story with incredibly vivid detail. It has laugh-out-loud moments, and it has moments of heart-pounding suspense. I was completely immersed: Her family and her experiences became my own as I turned page after compelling page. Girlish is a story that you will not soon forget.” —Donna Talarico, founder and publisher, Hippocampus Magazine

“Quirky and poignant, Girlish is equal parts jaunty and heartbreaking as Lillibridge turns her keen eye and brilliant prose toward an unconventional childhood and her attempts to navigate the tricky waters and mixed messages about what it means to be female in a family and culture that veer wildly between openness, secrecy, and shame.” —Sonja Livingston, author of Ghostbread

“Lillibridge’s Girlish is a lyrical, literary memoir that explores what it means to be human—to be flawed, to be failed, and to be fond—by recalling her difficult childhood and examining her life now, as an adult.” —Sarah Einstein, author of Mot: A Memoir and Remnants of Passion

Lara Lillibridge is the author of Mama, Mama, Only Mama and Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home. She holds an MFA from West Virginia Wesleyan College. In 2016, she won Slippery Elm Literary Journal’s Prose Contest, and The American Literary Review's Contest in Nonfiction. When she’s not writing, Lillibridge can be found shivering in a hockey arena or getting sunburned at the baseball field. She still doesn’t vacuum very often, but luckily she’s nearsighted enough not to notice. She resides in Cleveland, Ohio.