The New Email Revolution

Save Time, Make Money, and Write Emails People Actually Want to Read!

The New Email Revolution

By:  Bly, Robert W.

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“A landmark work…invaluable.”—Robert Ringer, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“In this landmark work, Bob Bly once again shows why he is renowned internationally as a master copywriter and Internet marketer. His detailed advice on how to write persuasive emails and get recipients to open, read, and respond to those emails is invaluable. No question about it, Bob has yet again earned his moniker as ‘America’s top copywriter.’”—Robert Ringer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Looking Out for #1, and Winning Through Intimidation, To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?

“If you think email is dead, you need to read The New Email Revolution. In it, Bob Bly cites the data to back up his argument that email will remain the preferred communication medium for a wide range of demographics for the next five years. So you better know how to use it and that’s what this book delivers.”—Ilise Benun, founder of and author of The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money

“Copywriters in the 60's had two books on their shelves: John Caples' Tested Advertising Methods and Strunk & White's The Elements of Style. For latter-day writers—and NOT just email writers—Bob Bly's comprehensive new primer could replace both. Everything you need to be successful is in there, with what might be dubbed "Everything you need to know about email marketing" almost a bonus. If I were still teaching copywriting students or hiring and training copywriters for any discipline, I'd buy each a copy to put under his or her pillow.” —Robert F. Lauterborn, James L Knight Chair Professor of Advertising Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Bob Bly writes with clarity and abundant first-hand knowledge about this vital communication tool. Comprehensive without being exhausting, it's the type of reference book that will become indispensable to every marketer. The section on composing nearly foolproof emails, supported by numerous examples and Bob's analysis of their structure, is particularly valuable. I learned something in every chapter. You will, too."—Robert Lerose, copywriter

"Bob nails it again—I doubt a more definitive e-mail guide has ever been written."—John Forde, copywriter

"I remember when email was in its infancy and a coworker quipped. “Instantly transmitted. . . instantly received. . . and instantly forgotten.”
Much of what crosses our screens today fits that putdown. But not if Bob Bly has anything to say about it, and he does—lots! Readers need only scan the contents of The New Email Revolution to be pointed toward the answers.
Thanks Bob for showing us how to enjoy being instantly transmitted, instantly received, but definitely not instantly forgotten."—Terry C. Smith, author, seminar leader, former boss

Robert W. Bly is an independent copywriter and marketing consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience in business-to-business and direct response marketing. He is the author of more than ninety books, including Words to Know to Sounds Smart and The Copywriter’s Handbook, which was voted a “mini-classic of direct marketing” by the Direct Marketing Club of New York. McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter,” and he was AWAI’s 2007 Copywriter of the Year. He lives in Montville, New Jersey.