Say No to Placenta Pics

And Other Hilarious, Unsolicited Advice for Pregnant Women

Say No to Placenta Pics

By:  Parsons, Jillian M.
Baerken, Allison

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5.5 X 8.3 in
252 pg

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Motherhood
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Stepparenting
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Single Parent
Two Best Friends Make It through a Pregnancy, with All its Gut-Busting Hilarity and Gross Bits

“From baby names to avoid (so your little one won't get picked on) to mommy blog drama, Say No to Placenta Pics is a hilariously biting how-to, with some good (and honest) advice delivered in a fun and wickedly satirical way. You'll laugh so hard you may wet your pants . . . something you might as well get used to after labor, anyway.”
—Caren Lissner, author of Carrie Pilby

Say No to Placenta Pics will make you laugh so hard you'll think you're having contractions.”
—Leanne Shirtliffe, author of Mommyfesto and Don’t Lick the Minivan

"Witty and delightfully sarcastic. . . . a charming and often laugh-out-loud read that can teach both the expectant and their non-pregnant friends how to have a sense of humor without either alienating the other in the process."

"A refreshing read on the reality of pregnancy and the aftermath, which is articulated beautifully with a dash of uncensored humor. You can't help but laugh out loud as there are so many relatable points in the book. It clearly brings up topics that most of us moms want to say but feel the need to sugar coat; the bad and ugly. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of humor and wants the honest truth on embarking on the journey of motherhood and for the childless friends around them."
—Melanie Braga, mom blogger of Momma Braga and assignments editor at The Baby Spot

Jillian M. Parsons began cultivating her bizarre sense of humor in her teens with handwritten satirical erotica during school lunch hour. As a comedy writer, she was featured in Women in Comedy’s Independent Women series. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. - Allison Baerken has a degree in journalism from Carleton University. She is a part-time English teacher and stay-at-home mom of two daughters. She lives in Medemblik, the Netherlands.