Literary Libations

What to Drink with What You Read

Literary Libations

By:  Makansi, Amira K.

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COOKING / Beverages / Wine & Spirits
COOKING / Beverages / Beer
The definitive guide to pairing two of the world's most beloved pastimes: reading and drinking.

"There are at least two good ways to enjoy this excellent volume: you can come to it as a curious drinker, and be reminded by a new recipe of a great book you want to read (or better yet, reread)—or you can come to it as a reader, sharing in Amira Makansi's literary enthusiasm until you work up a mighty thirst, at which time your cure will already be close at hand. Either way, I hope you'll end up as happily sated as I was." —Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

Amira K. Makansi is a wine industry professional who has worked in many if not all aspects of the wine industry. After graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in history, she quickly abandoned her quest to become a lawyer in favor of pursuing a career in all things beverage-related. She has worked for eight wineries, two distribution companies, and three restaurants, spanning from Chicago's prestigious dining scene to an Alsatian winery whose first vintage predates the French revolution. Amira has also written and published a science fiction trilogy with her mother and sister, the first book of which has been optioned for a Hollywood production.