The Plot to Destroy Trump

How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President

The Plot to Destroy Trump

By:  Malloch, Theodore Roosevelt
Stone, Roger

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / Corruption & Misconduct
POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Executive Branch
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Intelligence & Espionage
The Russian dossier is a conspiracy against President Donald Trump.

“The DEEP STATE conspired to take down TRUMP. This book fills in all the details, and names names. All Patriots need to read it.”
—Alex Jones, Founder, Infowars

“This Dan Brown-style page turner is based on fact, not fiction, and it is a great read.”
—Harold Fickett, CEO and Publisher of SCENES

"The attempt to destabilize and destroy President Trump is one of the most disgraceful episodes in modern political history. This is an important book that will help to dispel the myths."
—Nigel Farage, LBC Radio and Fox News contributor

“The Red November conspiracy details how an unelected deep state sought to depose an elected president. As a political scandal, it doesn’t get bigger than that.”
—Francis Buckley, New York Post

“This book is simply unputdownable!"
—Freddy Gray, The Spectator

“Providing a fact-based counter-narrative to that of the establishment media, Dr. Malloch represents what should be the real American interest in the 2016 election and beyond — that Russia and other nations have an inherent interest in weakening the legitimacy of the President of the United States, and the media — alongside Democrats and even former British spies — are actually assisting Kremlin interests.”
—Raheem Kassam, editor, Breitbart

“With his characteristic no-nonsense approach, Ted Malloch certainly makes you wonder why government investigators spent so much time and taxpayers’ money on giving such credence to a clearly politically slanted document. With so much of the deep state against him, it’s a miracle President Trump—the people’s choice—is still in the White House! This book reveals what Trump is up against.”
— Tim Newark, author of Protest Vote and political commentator for Daily Express, among others

Courageous! That’s Ted Malloch, who sacrificed elite-style comfort and prestige to be a freedom fighter.”
—Joseph Farah, Founder and CEO, WND

“This book connects all the dots in the plot to destroy Trump. It is the most politically explosive book of the year.”
—Caroline Wheeler, Sunday London Times

"To the list of worldly ills—the unethical knaves in big business and the fools in big government—author Theodore Roosevelt Malloch has now added the cowards in ‘big conspiracy,’ who secretly traffic in worldly falsehoods so as to reap the whirlwind of political strife. Why do they do it? Because their thirst for power knows no bottom, and because they hope to gain the political upper hand in the ensuing confusion. No one loses more in the exchange than the ordinary citizen, who knows his world is at least partly run by these manipulative liars, but who cannot quite bring himself to reject the beautiful lies being spun. The Plot to Destroy Trump pulls open the veil behind which these manipulators operate. It is a view of jaded and world-weary malevolence, leavened with the essence of pure self-interest. In so many ways, the liars have the upper hand because they are selling “wishes come true,” and because the truth itself can be hard to hear—e.g., work hard, compete, don’t accept handouts—but the ordinary citizen knows something is deeply crooked about this world. It is a crookedness for which the only remedy is Truth. Let there be Truth, says author Malloch—a declaration that every citizen who wishes to live in reality can embrace as their own."
—K .W. Bickford, Times -Picayune

“In stunning detail, The Plot to Destroy Trump: How the Deep State Fabricated The Russia Dossier to Subvert The President exposes the biggest political scandal of our lifetime. A must-read!"
—Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

“This thriller reads like a Tom Clancy novel. It unpacks a conspiracy theory on Red November.”
Daily Caller

“To patriots, national election results matter. Following Trump's stunning upset victory in 2016, globalists and deep state allies went into overdrive. Each day, more evidence emerges demonstrating just how many Americans conspired to defy the expressed will of the electorate. The Plot to Destroy Trump is historical fact, yet it reads like a thriller. Ted Malloch brings us a cautionary tale, that must be remembered each time we vote, in all free nations, under rule of law.”
—Charles Ortel, Charles on Sunday

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is chairman and CEO of Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, a leading strategy thought leadership company. He was president of the World Economic Development Congress sponsored by CNN, where Lady Margaret Thatcher dubbed him a "global sherpa." He’s held positions in the US State Department and the United Nations, served as research professor at Yale University, and was Senior Fellow at Said Business School at the University of Oxford. His previous books including Common Sense Business and Service Leadership, and Hired, detailing Donald Trump’s victorious campaign for US president. - Roger Stone is not only a political consultant, strategist, and lobbyist, but is also the man who single-handedly brought down New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. He has been involved in politics since his teenage years, worked for both the Nixon and Reagan administrations, and has recently joined the Libertarian Party. Aside from politics, he’s also known for his personal style, and writes the annual “Ten Best and Worst Dressed Men and Women in the World” column for the Huffington Post. He splits his time between New York City and Miami Beach, Florida.