Adam's Secret

Adam's Secret

By:  Ferrara, Guillermo
Darcie, Benjamin L.

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5.3 X 6.8 in

FICTION / Thrillers / General

A preeminent sexologist and expert in religion, Adam Roussos hasn’t set foot on Greek soil since his father’s death years ago. But when an archaeologist friend, Aquiles Vangelis, pleads for him to come to Athens to witness a groundbreaking discovery—one that threatens to bring organized Christianity to its knees—it’s like a siren’s song he can’t ignore.

When Adam arrives in Greece, Aquiles’s daughter, the Hellenistic beauty Alexia, reveals that her father has inexplicably vanished. Now the two must comb through Aquiles’s years of research—on the true origin of man, sexual alchemy, and a mystical 12,000-year-old quartz with extraterrestrial powers—for clues to his whereabouts. As chaos unfolds around them, Adam and Alexia soon realize they’re racing not only against the kidnappers’ clocks…but quite possibly the end of humanity.

From DNA activation to the ascension of Earth predicted in the 2012 Mayan Prophecies, Adam’s Secret offers electrifying insights into some of the most provocative spiritual questions of our time.

Guillermo Ferrara is a writer and researcher of ancient civilizations and cultures. He is an expert in Eastern philosophy, mysticism, and relevant scientific and spiritual systems. The author of nineteen books on personal growth, he lectures and gives workshops around the world about tantric sexuality, the use of crystals, yoga, and meditation. He lives in Barcelona, Spain.
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