Unicorns Are Real 2019 Planner

Unicorns Are Real 2019 Planner

By:  Willow Creek Press Inc.

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Willow Creek Press

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6.3 X 8.3 in

ART / General
HUMOR / Topic / Animals
Be a planner but believe in magic too! Channel the purity, strength and goodness of everyone's favorite mythical being all year long... even the most mystical creatures need to keep track of their appointments! This planner features an inside pocket, two pages of stickers, spiral binding, binder band and tabs.
Our location in the Wisconsin northwoods helps keep Willow Creek Press off the publishing world's radar. Around here, we're more accustomed to landing walleyes and muskies than big books and authors - events hardly worthy of note in Publisher's Weekly. But, a few years ago we did get noticed with the release of Just Labs, a unique and colorful tribute to Labrador retrievers. The book quickly became a bestseller (now with 500,000 copies in print) and frankly startled us with its success. We were not surprised for long, however, and now an entire line of popular Willow Creek Press titles evokes the myriad joys of dog and cat ownership. Today we are known for high-quality, light-hearted books and the best Just breed calendars in the country.