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Making Wooden Fishing Lures

Carving and Painting Techniques that Really Catch Fish

Making Wooden Fishing Lures
Rich Rousseau By (author)
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Fox Chapel Publishing

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For the Fishing, Carving and Collecting Enthusiast Whether it is the thrill of catching a fish with a handmade lure or finding a perfect one to add to your collection, this book of 11 step-by-step projects with a collector's gallery will grab you hook, line and sinker.


Making a fishing lure from a scrap of wood and some paint is a fun and easy project for anyone who enjoys fishing. What's more, there's nothing like catching a big bass on a lure that you have made yourself. Award-winning carver and fishing enthusiast Rich Rousseau has developed numerous hand-made wooden lures over the years, so he decided to share his fish-tested designs for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures. Divided into three main chapters, this book covers everything you need to know about wood, types of lures and how to rig them up. Along with the wonderful lures you can make yourself, you will be reeled in by the full colour gallery of historic and contemporary wooden lures, accompanied by an introduction from top collector Butch Bartz.

Learn how to make wooden lures with Rich Rousseau's fish-tested techniques for carving realistic bait based on the correct sizes and colors that particular species of fish are attracted to. The 176-page. 9" by 6" book covers what wood and tools to use, where to get hardware, and how to produce a beautiful airbrushed paint job. Step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, and detailed diagrams included.

If spring has sprung, it's possible, just possible, that you have hobbies that may somelimes take you outside the shop. If one of those hobbies is fishing, you may find it fun to combine your two interests wilh the new book from Fox Chapel Publishing, Making Wooden Fishing Lures by Rich Rousseau. The book includes plans for 11 lures (surface, floating/diving and sinking), plus info on wood and paint selection, and attracting certain species of fish. It's also sprinkled with "fishy facts" - such as, for instance, that most fish can spot blue and purple lures in deep water.

No lying or truth stretching with this book, the author, in great detail, shows you how to make those wooden lures that will snare the big ones. Rousseau shows you how to make the simplest to the more complicated articulated lures. Making the lures from various wood species is only part of the fun, Rousseau tells (and shows) you the art of painting the lures as well. Although the fish are color blind it's the patterns that attract them. The colors attract the fishers. Looking to net pike or musky? The author shows you step by step, how to make a mallard duckling to bring in those toughies. There are 11 winning lures that Rousseau details for the reader and he takes great care to help you make them accurately. A list of tools are outlined as well as a comprehensive list of some of the metal components required to make the lures work and sparkle. Fishers pay big bucks at outfitters for these lures so it could save you a lot of money. In fact, make it a cottage business for yourself. If you do any fishing at all, you will love this book.

Carving a fishing lure may seem like a simple task, but the finished product has to attract fish! Veteran carver and fisherman Rousseau's detailed step-by-step instructions with measured drawings are for lures guaranteed to catch fish (when used in the proper spot, of course). Intended for fishers who are handy with a carving knife, this book will also appeal to fishing-lure collectors.

For the avid fisher among you, get hooked with this useful and fun guide on how to make your own fishing lures. Award-winning carver and fish enthusiast, Rich Rousseau, shares his fish-tested designs for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures. Divided into three clear sections, the reader is introduced firstly to what is needed in getting started, looking at the different lures commonly used, timber required, and essential tools needed to do the job. We then move on to a series of 11 lure projects, each designed to catch different types of fish such as bass, perch, saltwater fish and salmon, with lure designs being anything from a floating-diving minnow to a frog, mallard duckling or weasel. The final part of this book deals with further options such as adding jointed bodies, dressed hooks, and alternate uses for common hardware items. This is definitely a great guide for all you carvers who enjoy a, spot of fishing. Put this on your Christmas list!

Author Bio

Rich Rousseau was an award-winning woodcarver of fish and lures, who resided in Michigan.