Creative Terrariums

33 Modern Mini-Gardens for Your Home

Creative Terrariums

By:  Enid G. Svymbersky

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Terrariums are back. Ms. Gonzales with her easy to follow and insightful directions your success is assured. But the real benefit of her unique and imaginative designs rests in the in the freedom to allow you to consider the possibilities and the possibilities are endless.Bobby Jensen, Gardening Reporter, Grow with KARE on KARE-TV

A charming how-to on terrarium gardening for novices and experts alike - a must read! Amanda Olsen, blogger, Little House in an Old Town

Packed with creative projects and practical plant care tips, it's everything you need to create delightful mini gardens.Melissa J. Will, Empress of Dirt

Enid Gonzalez's terrarium projects are so lively and joyful, you'll be looking for spots in your house to display more of them.Marie Iannotti, Gardening Expert at Dotdash

What I love about Creative Terrariums, written by Enid Svymbersky of A Charming Project, is that she takes so many ordinary objects, from baking pans to coffee pots to pencil organizers, and shows you how to make unique living home decor.Get Green Be Well

Creating and maintaining a mini- terrarium garden isn't always easy. After reading 'Creative Terrariums' I'd say Enid just changed that around...covers it all and the 31 example gardens are outstanding! A fun book!In the Garden - Ron Wilson, Host

Creative Terrariums is so abundantly and richly illustrated - so enticing a production - that it is easy to imagine that even non-terrarium gardeners will delight on the sheer beauty of the book.Texas Gardener Magazine

Enid Svymbersky (, creates modern terrariums to bring the outdoors indoors and bring in life and oxygen to almost any room or space, no matter how small.Garden Design Online

Creative Terrariums shows how to build and maintain unique mini-gardens full of lush, oxygen-boosting plants, with 31 cutting-edge, contemporary terrarium designs that will add a decorative organic presence to even the smallest room.

Enid G. Svymbersky is the creative blogger behind A Charming Project (, a DIY style website where she shares her passion for crafts, plants, and renter-friendly DIY. She first started crafting as a creative outlet, and soon became hooked on blogging when her Coffee Pot Terrarium project went viral. Between brunching and happy hour, you can usually find her planting, hot gluing, or painting her next project. Newly married, she lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Michael…and in the near future, a dog named Waffles.