I Am a Filipino

And This Is How We Cook

I Am a Filipino

By:  Ponseca, Nicole
Trinidad, Miguel

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7.5 X 10.5 in
304 pg

COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / Southeast Asian
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Get ready to discover the next great Asian cuisine

“Recipes run the gamut from comforting. . . to piquant . . . [to] haunting.”
The New York Times, Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018

“Part cookbook, part manifesto, Nicole Ponseca wants to change the conversation around Filipino food. For Filipino readers, the book is a statement of pride in Filipino identity and culinary heritage and for those still learning about the cuisine, the book is an excellent course in the flavors that ground it and how to bring them into your home. For the latter group, don’t skip the book’s Filipino 101, which grounds cooks in the essential methods and ingredients of this complex and intensely flavorful cuisine.”
Food & Wine, The Best Cookbooks Coming Out This Fall

“A great guide to both the subtleties and history of the food, and the dishes themselves. From pancit and adobo to chorizo burgers and jackfruit ice cream, this book demonstrates the delicious mash-up of recipes that define the vibrant cuisine.”
Los Angeles Times

“This cookbook offers modern Filipino recipes that capture the bright, tangy, savory, and spice essence of the country's food, which reflects an array of influences from Chinese, to Middle Eastern, to Spanish, Mexican, and even American. Learn to make fried street snacks like ukoy, tender adobos, and bright seafood.”

Nicole Ponseca is the founder and creative director of Maharlika and Jeepney restaurants in New York City. A native of San Diego, Ponseca moved to New York to pursue a career in advertising but found her true calling upon discovering a lack of authentic Filipino food in the city and deciding to do something about it. Together with chef Miguel Trinidad, she opened Maharlika in 2011 and Jeepney one year later. Find her on Instagram @nicoleponseca.
Miguel Trinidad is the executive chef and co-owner of Maharlika and Jeepney restaurants. He is a judge on Season 3 of Viceland’s cannabis culinary competition show, Bong Appétit. Find him on Instagram @chefmigsnyc.