Rock Gardening

Reimagining a Classic Style

Rock Gardening

By:  Tychonievich, Joseph

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GARDENING / Garden Design
Rock Gardening brings a classic garden style to a new generation of gardeners. It includes a survey of gorgeous rock gardens from around the world, the techniques and methods specific to creating and maintaining a rock garden, and profiles of the top 50 rock garden plants.

“One of six young horticulturists who are helping to shape how America gardens.” —Organic Gardening

“From Oregon to Yorkshire and Farrer to Facebook, here we have a thoughtful new look at inspirational rock gardens. There are sound, practical ideas and instructions to enable you to build your own rock garden.” —Rod Leeds, Alpine Garden Society and Royal Horticultural Society lecturer and judge

“Horticulturist and plant breeder Tychonievich offers a fresh perspective on traditional rock gardening. . . . This useful work targets a wide range of garden enthusiasts and/or horticulturalists.” —Library Journal

“The book profiles 10 stunning rock gardens with scads of gorgeous photos. . . . this is the perfect book to get started.” —Garden Design

Rock Gardening is a new look at a classic style, and if you’re not quite sure what to do with that rocky part of your property, it may offer an elegant and beautiful solution. . . . Rock gardens have the potential to be sustainable and low-maintenance while still providing great color and texture. For gardeners looking for an introduction to rock gardening, Tychonievich’s book is a great start.” —NYBG's Plant Talk

“Everything you could want to know about this subject including behind-the-scenes technical direction at renowned  botanical gardens, humble “rockeries,” and hypertufa trough gardens is here. . . . This is a book for amateurs as well as professionals interested in an educational look at this precise kind of gardening, and it is all delivered with colorful photographs and in Tychonievich’s enlightening, instructive prose.” —Country Gardens

“This book takes a very practical approach to an iconic style of gardening. . . . The experienced author succeeds in succinctly communicating his enthusiasm for this garden style. Most helpfully, conceivable requirements for establishing a rock garden are given careful consideration. Many beautiful photographs accompany the text's details.” —Choice 

“A budget-friendly way to turn a steep slope or tiny lawn into something beautiful.” —Mother Nature Network

“Tychonievich writes with such enthusiasm that his passion is utterly infectious. . . . This book is perfect for someone relatively new to alpine gardening, no matter which side of the Atlantic they live on.” —Gardens Illustrated

“If you’re a designer who might have to create or deal with this type of landscape then this book is a good starting point. . . . it’s comprehensive in its coverage of the topic with case studies both in the  UK and America, descriptions of the different types of rock garden, how to achieve the right soil conditions and manage drainage. The most useful element for designers is the final ‘plant profile’ section, which focuses on alpines and other plants that thrive in similar conditions.” —The Garden Design Journal

“There is also just the right amount of helpful and deliberately plainspoken information. . . . I wish I'd had this book 20 years ago: it would have saved me from many mistakes. Buy it for the gardener you love.” —Literati Bookstore

“Discusses stunning examples in a variety of locations. . . . Between a rock and a hard place is sometimes where the most enchanting flowers bloom. That incongruous truth helps account for the ageless appeal of rock gardens.” —The Columbus Dispatch

Joseph Tychonievich studied horticulture, plant breeding, and genetics at the Ohio State University and was the nursery manager at Arrowhead Alpines, a premier rock garden nursery in Fowlerville, Michigan. He is also the editor of Rock Garden Quarterly. Organic Gardening Magazine called him one of “six young horticulturalists who are helping to shape how America gardens.”