The New Baseball Bible

Notes, Nuggets, Lists, and Legends from Our National Pastime

The New Baseball Bible

By:  Schlossberg, Dan
Johnstone, Jay
Schwarz, Alan

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For fans of baseball trivia, this updated version of The New Baseball Bible, first published as The Baseball Catalog in 1980 and selected as a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate, is sure to provide something for everyone, regardless of team allegiance. The book covers the following topics: beginnings of baseball, rules and records, umpires, how to play the game (i.e., strategy), equipment, ballparks, famous faces (i.e., Hank Aaron vs. Babe Ruth), managers, executives, trades, the media, big moments in history, the language of baseball, superstitions and traditions, spring training, today’s game, and much more. Veteran sportswriter Dan Schlossberg weaves in facts, figures, and famous quotes, discusses strategy, and provides stats and images—many of them never previously published elsewhere.

With this book, you’ll discover how the players’ approach, use of equipment, and even salaries and schedules have changed over time. You will also learn the origin of team and player nicknames, fun facts about the All-Star Game and World Series, and so much more. The New Baseball Bible serves as the perfect gift for fans of America’s pastime.

“A must for every baseball lover.” -Lisa Iannucci, Get More Sports

"So many wonderful bits packed between two covers!" -John Thorn

“Anything you want to know about baseball is here.” -Fred Wallin, Sports Byline

"The New Baseball Bible [is] a must read for any type of baseball fan." -Anthony McClean, BASN Newsroom

Dan Schlossberg, a former AP sportswriter, is the author of 37 baseball books, including When the Braves Ruled the Diamond; Called Out but Safe, a collaboration with former umpire Al Clark, Designated Hebrew: The Ron Blomberg Story, and The 300 Club: Have We Seen the Last of Baseball’s 300-Game Winners. The baseball editor of Latino Sports, he writes for USA TODAY Sports Weekly, New York Natives, New Jersey Lifestyle, and various Boston Red Sox publications, among others. An unabashed Braves fan since 1957 when the Milwaukee Braves beat the Yankees in the World Series, Dan has followed the team closely as both a fan and a sportswriter for more than fifty years.
- - ALAN SCHWARZ is the senior writer of Baseball America magazine, the host of "Baseball Today" on, and a regular contributor to the New York Times. His first book, The Numbers Game, was ESPNs 2004 Baseball Book of the Year. He is a frequent on-air guest analyst for ESPN, National Public Radios Talk of the Nation, and MSNBC.