My Dog's Album

Our Story, Our Best Moments, Our Life Together

My Dog's Album

By:  Bertolazzi, Alberto
Otani, Ayano

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9.0 X 9.5 in
60 pg

PETS / Dogs / General

My Dog’s Album is an indispensable scrapbook for all dog lovers, providing a place to record the history and stages of the growth of your inseparable canine. Photographs and memories can be inserted in corresponding sections, creating a personalized diary that preserves the unique identity of a beloved pet.
Alberto Bertolazzi is a former radio and print journalist. He now works as a professional writer and is the author of numerous illustrated books. - Ayano Otani is a Japanese artist whose sensitivity is expressed through different forms of visual art. She has exhibited her work in pencil, watercolor and paper creations throughout Asia and Europe.