A Celebration of Food from Land and Sea


By:  Kalla, Joudie
Knight, Eve Lloyd

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COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / Middle Eastern

Joudie Kalla, author of the bestselling Palestine on a Plate, introduces readers to more of the Middle East’s best kept secret—Palestinian cuisine. “Baladi” means “my home, my land, my country,” and Joudie once again pays homage to her homeland of Palestine by showcasing its wide ranging, vibrant and truly delicious dishes. Palestine is a country of different seasons and landscapes, and it is these diverse conditions that create the many and varied ingredients featured in the book. Joudie takes an entirely flexible approach to cooking, using influences from her home to create new dishes, and bringing her own twist to more traditional recipes. Baladi features recipes according to the area that they hail from, such as the land, the sea, the fields, the orchard . . . Experience the wonderful flavors of Palestine through Daoud Basha (lamb meatballs cooked in a tamarind and tomato sauce), khubzet za’atar (za’atar brioche twists), samak makli bil camun (fried fish selection with zucchini, mint and yogurt dip), atayef (soft pancakes filled with cream in an orange blossom sugar syrup), and many more sublime flavor combinations. With stunning color photographs to accompany each recipe, the book is also interspersed with shots of the landscapes, streets, and people of Palestine, reflecting the rich culinary culture running through the whole country.

This book goes to the heart of the relationship between food and identity, and conveys a sense of belonging through beautiful, compelling and, yes, joyous recipes. I just want to eat everything in it. --Nigella Lawson

"Joudie Kalla looks homeward for inspiration.... 'I want to pay homage,'she writes, 'to the Palestine that my family knew and remembers.' And that's exactly what this book does so gracefully." --The New York Times on Palestine on a Plate

SUNDAY TIMES (LONDON) BEST COOKBOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 An important cuisine and culinary tradition that needs to be understood, celebrated, and enjoyed. Anthony Bourdain Kalla follows up Palestine on a Plate with this celebratory collection of soulful recipes from the baladi, or homeland, her family fled in 1948... Kalla s excellent recipes wonderfully evoke culinary Palestine. Publishers Weekly Joudie Kalla takes the reader on a compelling and delicious culinary journey through Palestine. A much-needed compilation of hitherto undocumented Palestinian family recipes an ode to Palestine s rich culinary heritage. Laila El-Haddad, author of The Gaza Kitchen Once again Joudie puts Palestine on the map so beautifully by celebrating the breadth and depth of our cuisine making Palestinians everywhere proud. This important book is a visual and culinary feast that preserves our history and cultural identity. Reem Assil, chef-owner of Reem s California and Dyafa This lovely homage to the intertwining of home, life, and food in Palestine is a mix of colorful photographs and 100-plus recipes that evoke both new and old traditions.... --Booklist

Joudie Kalla is the author of the highly-praised cookbook Palestine on a Plate: Memories from My Mother’s Kitchen. She has been working as a chef for over 18 years. She trained at London’s prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine and has worked at restaurants such as Pengelley’s, Daphne’s, and Papillon. She has been running her own private catering company for over eight years and holds regular sold out supper clubs. She also ran a hugely popular deli, Baity Kitchen, for three years and hosted Palestinian-themed dinners for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen charity. -