The Terrorist Factory

ISIS, the Yazidi Genocide, and Exporting Terror

The Terrorist Factory

By:  Desbois, Father Patrick
Nastasie, Costel
Logan, Lara

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272 pg

POLITICAL SCIENCE / Genocide & War Crimes
HISTORY / Middle East / Iraq
Based on work first shown on 60 Minutes, a riveting, behind-the-scenes look of the Yazidi genocide and the terrorist threat it holds.

“Haunting and harrowing . . . The survivors’ voices captured here bear witness to humanity’s collective failure to abolish genocide.”—Publishers Weekly

"What makes this book so powerful are the details—meticulously gathered in person by Father Patrick Desbois and his chief investigator, Costel Nastasie. They are a formidable team with no equal in this field and, perhaps more importantly, no agenda. Through their extraordinary commitment, experience, and precise investigative techniques, they offer us all a rare opportunity to go inside the minds and the machinery of ISIS, whose extremist ideology still threatens us all. The insight they offer is unique—and terrifying. If you read only one book on this subject, it should be this one.”—Lara Logan, 60 Minutes

“Father Desbois has dedicated his life to trying to provide a measure of justice for genocide survivors and victims, refusing to allow the grim past to be denied or forgotten. When ISIS’s genocide against the Yazidi began, Desbois sprang to action, courageously traveling to Iraq to gather searing evidence of ISIS’s horrors in real time. In so doing, he made ISIS survivors feels less alone, and he pressured the world to save those still being brutalized. The Terrorist Factory draws on a lifetime of Desbois’s forensic, historical, and sociological wisdom in order to illuminate ISIS’s depravity. It is a powerful, searing account that elevates the voices of ISIS's victims and reminds us why it is so urgent both to confront this murderous ideology and to support those who have endured it.”—Samantha Power, former US ambassador to the United Nations

"A courageous denunciation that . . . places the international agencies squarely in front of their responsibilities."—Actualité Juive

“The Holy Father encourages the members of Yahad-In Unum to continue their struggle for the just recognition of the violence suffered by so many men and women belonging to different communities.”—Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin on behalf of Pope Francis

“I salute the importance and seriousness of the highly documented work you and your association are doing to highlight the gravity of the tragedy of the Yazidi genocide.”—President Emmanuel Macron of France

“We have an obligation to follow the path of Father Desbois.”—Representative Jamie Raskin

Father Patrick Desbois is president of Yahad–In Unum and is the Braman Endowed Professor of the Practice of the Forensic Study of the Holocaust at Georgetown University. He is the author of The Holocaust by Bullets, winner of the 2008 National Jewish Book Award, and In Broad Daylight: The Secret Procedures behind the Holocaust by Bullets, and has received numerous honors for his groundbreaking work on the Holocaust and genocide, including the Humanitarian Award from the US Holocaust Museum and, in October 2017, the Lantos Human Rights Prize. He resides in Washington, DC, and Paris, France.

- Costel Nastasie is the founder and president of Roma Dignity and has conducted research in association with Yahad–In Unum on the deportation and genocide of the Roma. He now coordinates investigations in the Middle East for Yahad–In Unum. Originally from Romania, he lives in Brussels.