The Healthy Golfer

Lower Your Score, Reduce Pain, Build Fitness, and Improve Your Game with Better Body Economy

The Healthy Golfer

By:  Maffetone, Philip
Leadbetter, David

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SPORTS & RECREATION / Health & Safety
Reach your full potential on the golf course by improving your mental and physical strengths.

All golfers want to improve their swing and, as a result, lower their score. But often, despite numerous golf instruction videos, lessons with pros, and time on the range, they are still far away from reaching their goals. Maybe that is because golfers are thinking about the process of improvement incorrectly? Maybe achieving a repeatable swing and staying calm under pressure is not all about time on the range or on the course, but the manner in which you care for your body and mind, as that is the foundation of a great golf game.

The goal of The Healthy Golfer is to provide you with information that will help engage all of your senses on the course so you can enjoy the game as much as possible for your entire life. Starting with your feet and concluding with a discussion of brain function, you will learn not only how to play better physically, but to excel at the game from a mental standpoint.

Topics covered in The Healthy Golfer include:
How the feet are the foundation for the swing
Correcting muscle imbalances (and not by stretching)
Improving mental focus on the course
And many more!

By focusing on critical aspects of human performance, such as diet, stress, muscle imbalance, the brain, and injuries, which are usually neglected areas of concern, The Healthy Golfer will teach you that it is impossible to reach your full potential on the course if you are not healthy in both body and mind.

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Dr. Philip Maffetone has worked with endurance athletes for more than thirty-five years. He is the author of eighteen books on health and fitness, including The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing, and the popular textbook Complementary Sports Medicine. Some of his patients have included running guru Dr. George Sheehan, famed New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard, marathon great Grete Waitz, and six-time Hawaii Ironman world champion Mark Allen. He lives in Oracle, Arizona.