Sloth Yoga

Sloth Yoga

By:  Willow Creek Press

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Willow Creek Press

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HUMOR / Topic / Animals

This charming book hilariously illustrates that yoga isn't just for people anymore! A Sloth persuing total relaxation and mindfulness meditation demonstrate classic poses that would seem impossible to achieve, were it not for the photographic proof presented here. These sloth yogis are in no rush to complete their yoga sequence, it often takes an entire month just to complete a single pose. Sloth Yoga takes this popular meditative practice to a new level of Zen. Yes, yes, and yes! Paired with inspiring Zen, yoga and meditation quotes, Sloth Yoga is posed to inform and delight all human practitioners of the ancient discipline. What a unique way to bring humor and relaxation into someones life by giving them this unique book as a gift.
Our location in the Wisconsin northwoods helps keep Willow Creek Press off the publishing world's radar. Around here, we're more accustomed to landing walleyes and muskies than big books and authors - events hardly worthy of note in Publisher's Weekly. But, a few years ago we did get noticed with the release of Just Labs, a unique and colorful tribute to Labrador retrievers. The book quickly became a bestseller (now with 500,000 copies in print) and frankly startled us with its success. We were not surprised for long, however, and now an entire line of popular Willow Creek Press titles evokes the myriad joys of dog and cat ownership. Today we are known for high-quality, light-hearted books and the best Just breed calendars in the country.