A Clear and Easy Guide to Collaborative Divorce

A Clear and Easy Guide to Collaborative Divorce

By:  Gaies, Jeremy S.
Gaies, Jeremy S.

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Divorce brings so many challenges to couples and families. Unfortunately, the traditional approaches to getting divorced add to the difficulties. A Clear and Easy Guide to Collaborative Divorce describes a different approach, one that is more peaceful and more family friendly. 

This innovative method is now practiced throughout the US, Canada, and abroad. It is passionately supported by family law professionals wherever it is practiced because it allows couples to resolve disputes and reach a final agreement without fighting in court. It's simply a better option for many families as they navigate their path through divorce.  

In a simple question-and-answer format, this audiobook outlines how collaborative divorce works and how it might work for your family. This is a wonderful resource for any couple exploring divorce options. It is very comprehensive, packing a tremendous amount of helpful information into a succinct and easy-to-listen-to manual.