The Fox: Designed by Wintercroft

A beautiful press-out mask for festivals, parties and everyday wear

The Fox: Designed by Wintercroft

By:  Wintercroft

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11.3 X 11.3 in
32 pg


Make your own handmade Fox mask from this handily designed booklet, presented in a beautiful slipcase. Whether you’re looking for a costume for Halloween, an eye-catching accessory for your festival trip this summer, or simply a unique addition to a dressing-up party, this is the perfect gift.

With a robust polygon design, the press-out templates for the mask are easy to put together with simple numbered tabs and easy valley and mountain paper folds. Eye-catchingly illustrated, you can choose to wear the mask as it is or customize and embellish with feathers, lace, beads, or any trimming of your choice – let your imagination run wild!

Wintercroft masks have been capturing the imagination of creative people and festival-goers around the globe. Founded in 2013 by Steve Wintercroft, an artist with a passion for craftsmanship and conservation, his beautiful, bespoke masks have been used everywhere from music videos and fashion shoots to theatre productions and political campaigns. The website can be found at