Football Crazy

Football Crazy

By:  Mugford, Simon
Spragg, Iain
Clarke, Adrian

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JUVENILE NONFICTION / Sports & Recreation / Soccer

In Football Crazy! meet the beautiful game's greatest jokers, giggle at goalkeeper gaffes, despair at back-pass disasters and much, much more.

Packed with amazing images and a lively text, covers such diverse football topics as amazing goals, tantalising tricks, brilliant saves, embarrassing mistakes, ludicrous haircuts and ghastly shirts. Arranged thematically and featuring everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, Football Crazy! explores the most incredible and fascinating football stories and incidents from across the world.

After studying the history of everything at Goldsmiths College, Simon Mugford worked at the Science Museum in London, UK, making paper aeroplanes and setting fire to hydrogen balloons. Despite being a fully-grown man, his favourite subjects include football, dinosaurs, robots, rockets, loud music, and Star Wars.


Iain Spragg, a sports journalist who has worked for The Daily Telegraph and The Times, has also written numerous books on sport and humour, including, for Carlton Books, The Big Book of Football's Funniest QuotesThe Reduced History of Rugby, The Reduced History of Sex, The Jonny Wilkinson Story, Lewis Hamilton: The Rise of F1's New Superstar and The Official Arsenal Book of Records. He lives in London.


Adrian Clarke is now a freelance sports writer, contributing to a number of national newspapers in the UK.