Legends of the Stars

Myths of the night sky

Legends of the Stars

By:  Stella Caldwell

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For thousands of years, every culture on Earth has gazed up at the heavens in wonder and found pictures hiding amongst the stars. Legends of the Stars will take readers on a thrilling journey of discovery, bringing the rich tapestry of myths and legends that fills the night sky dramatically to life.

Eye-catching illustrations are paired with awe-inspiring photographic recreations of scenes from both classic and lesser-known myths. Learn about the Greek tale of the boastful queen Cassiopeia who was placed in the sky as a punishment for her vanity; of the three hunters in Native American myth who pursued a great bear into the heavens; and of the Japanese legend of the Tanabata.

Stella Caldwell is an experienced author and editor who lives and works in Oxford. She is the author of a series of compelling books for children that combine historical fact and imaginative narrative, including Dragonworld, Dinoworld, Knightworld and Egyptworld.