Leonardo da Vinci's Inventive Puzzles

Inspired by the Renaissance Genius

Leonardo da Vinci's Inventive Puzzles

By:  Galland, Richard Wolfrik

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da Vinci was a man who lived ahead of his time. From beautiful frescos, sculptures and artworks, he also invented flying machines, diving bells, and even renaissance versions of tanks and robotic automatons. His personal life was shrouded in mystery and many of his works are reputed to hold all sorts of secrets in the form of codes and puzzles. Delve into the mind of this great man in Leonardo da Vinci's Inventive Puzzles - over 80 different puzzles inspired by, and in the style of, his works. Full of riddles, codebreaking, enigmas, and logic challenges, this puzzle book is only for the most astute of quizzers.

Richard Wolfrik Galland is a writer and games designer. He has worked as a magazine editor for Games Workshop and designed games for Hasbro and Sony Japan. He is now creative director at Warm Acre games. He is the author of Leonardo Da Vinci Puzzle Codex and Lewis Carroll’s Puzzles in Wonderland.