Arlo, Mrs. Ogg, and the Dinosaur Zoo

Arlo, Mrs. Ogg, and the Dinosaur Zoo

By:  Kathryn Durst
Alice Hemming

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144 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
JUVENILE FICTION / School & Education

"Teachers don’t stay long with the 'unruly, disobedient, and unteachable' students in class 4X. Fortunately, Arlo diligently takes notes in his notebook in order to tell the class's tale. One day, substitute teacher Ms. Ogg arrives wearing a dress made from fur patches with bones as earrings, carrying a large stick. She is a woman of few words (mostly grunts) but manages to maintain control over the class with the beat of her stick on the ground. Ms. Ogg dares to do what other substitutes wouldn't—she takes class 4X on a field trip. When they arrive at the 'Zoo,' students notice it is no ordinary place; this zoo is filled with prehistoric and other extinct animals. Students have fun, learn about dinosaurs through an up close and personal experience, and mostly manage to stay out of trouble. Time spent with Ms. Ogg helps Arlo see everyone has hidden talents. The conclusion of this story leaves space for the class to have a learning adventure with the appropriately named Miss Pythia, dressed as a Greek goddess with an eye tattooed on the back of her neck. Appealing grayscale illustrations enhance the prehistoric field trip experience. VERDICT The worlds of the 'Magic School Bus,' Mary Poppins, and Jurassic Park collide in this middle grade novel for readers fond of upbeat fantastic school adventures and dinosaurs."—School Library JournalJournal

Things aren't looking good for Class X. With another teacher running away screaming (literally), Arlo wonders how long the new substitute teacher will survive. When Mrs. Ogg takes the class to the zoo, Arlo realizes it's up to him to keep everyone in line. What Mrs. Ogg fails to mention is that this is no ordinary zoo . . .

Kathryn Durst grew up in Peterborough, Canada, and has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. She has a passion for children's illustration. She works in a variety of styles, using both traditional and digital mediums. Her art has been described as charming, whimsical, expressive, and full of life.

Kathryn attended Sheridan College for the Bachelor of Applied Arts 2D Animation Program. In her third year, she completed her internship at Pixar Animation Studios for storyboarding. She also works as an animator, filmmaker, and puppeteer. Kathryn also loves dancing, sewing, sculpting, playing accordion, cooking, and hanging out with her mini dachshund, Chili Dog. She is based in Toronto.

Alice Hemming lives in the UK with her two small children who provide lots of inspiration for her work. She writes for children of all ages. Alice is a proactive SCBWI member.