6-copy counter display Live Love Sparkle

6-copy counter display Live Love Sparkle

By:  Mara Penny
Jessica Swift
Leticia Plate
Rebecca Bradley

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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth
PHILOSOPHY / Mind & Body
PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Health
The world is full of negativity, hate, and self-doubt, and this book is the perfect antidote—filled with stickers of inspiration and positivity, Live Love Sparkle offers people a fun way to express themselves freely and joyfully. 

Mara Penny grew up in Lake Tahoe. She loves color, pattern and texture. She loves line. Mara studied both interior design and jewelry design in college, and earned her BFA at CCA(C). She is a mother, a wife, a sister, and an aunt. Mara finds inspiration in fairy tales, the night sky, and sparkles. She likes to draw, to paint, to sew, and to read. However, se doesn't like to cook. Her husband is her best friend. She is happy.

Jessica Swift is a full-time artist, surface pattern designer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her magically uplifting, colorful artwork is licensed widely for fabric, stationery, rugs, home decor, and more. Her art and products are designed to inspire hope and happiness—reminders that you deserve to feel good in your life. Her book, The Crafter’s Guide to Patterns, was published in April 2015, and she's also contributed artwork to several uplifting Page-A-Day calendars and other inspirational book projects. You can find her at jessicaswift.com

Leticia Plate has been working in the editorial world as an illustrator for many years. Clients include the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Whole Foods Market and many other national magazines and design studios. Her style focuses on the hand drawn line, fresh and playful with flat, bold punches of color. She studied art in Rome and NYC, and now lives in Portland, Maine, with her family, a sweet dog and 2 temperamental chickens.

Rebecca Bradley is a British illustrator and illustration professor from Kent, England, now living and working in Baltimore, USA.  She works for varied clients across the globe. Clients include Chronicle Books, The Guardian UK, Flow Magazine, American Greetings, Little, Brown Books, Penguin Books, The LA Times and many more. Her work is  inspired by color and pattern, and she loves drawing, history, fashion, food, maps, flowers, lettering, museums, design, and travel.  She has exhibited her work in the London Transport Museum, has illustrated maps and props for the official Twilight guide, and regularly creates food illustrations for her clients in London.