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The Witches' Sabbath

An Exploration of History, Folklore & Modern Practice

The Witches' Sabbath
Kelden By (author)
Jason Mankey Foreword by
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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Witchcraft (see also RELIGION / Wicca)


Discover the Hidden Depths of the Sabbath

Take flight for a mesmerizing exploration of an event long shrouded in fear and mystery—the Witches' Sabbath. Kelden presents an in-depth examination of the Sabbath's historical and folkloric development as well as its re-emergence within the modern practice of Witchcraft. From discussions on the folklore of flight and the events of nocturnal gatherings to enchanting rituals and recipes, you'll find everything you need to not only understand the nature of the legendary Sabbath, but also journey there yourself. Offering impressive research and compelling stories from across Europe and the early American colonies, this book is the ultimate resource for discovering an oft misunderstood and overlooked aspect of Witchcraft.

Includes a foreword by Jason Mankey, author of The Horned God of the Witches


"The spirit-traveling of Witches is a staple of the Craft, and The Witches' Sabbath explores this fascinating folklore and its modern day manifestations. Carefully wading through the history of Witch-flight, ecstasy, shapeshifting, familiar forms, flying ointments and more, Kelden guides us on thrilling journeys over the hedge and through the Otherworld. Readers will learn to create their own broom, feast with the spirits, dance with the Otherworldly, and develop their practice utilizing traditional techniques of magical art for the modern day. The Witches' Sabbath has already become a go-to guide in my library, and inspired change in my art."—Via Hedera, author of Folkloric American Witchcraft and the Multicultural Experience

"This book provides both a comprehensive, compact and accurate survey of traditional beliefs surrounding the Witches' sabbath and a practical introduction to an interesting and distinctive operative modern tradition which enacts them."—Professor Ronald Hutton, English historian at the University of Bristol

"Kelden leads the reader through a wealth of well-selected and fully-referenced stories from history, folklore and art, from American and European sources, to provide a solid foundation for understanding the concept of the Witches' sabbath as it has developed over the centuries. The academic material, which is presented in an accessible and readable style, is combined with useful, practical information for the modern practitioner wishing to explore the Witches' sabbath for themselves. The book is thus a valuable resource and inspiration for witches, folklorists, historians and the general reader with an interest in this fascinating topic."—Val Thomas, author of Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic

"In this well-researched and fascinating book, Kelden provides readers with an accessible and engaging academic history of the Witches' Sabbath and also with a practical hands-on manual for any magical practitioner, novice or adept, to journey there themselves. This book contains the historical context and folkloric imagery that modern practitioners can be inspired by along with realistic step-by-step instructions for understanding and equipping for a journey over the hedge and into spirit-flight. Recipes, spells, rituals and instructions are included to prepare readers for a Sabbath experience. This book will inspire you to deepen your practice and connect with the magic of the Sabbath. Kelden provides sensible advice and clear guidance based on his own extensive experience, meticulous research and obvious love of the Craft."—Dodie Graham McKay, author of Earth Magic

"The Witch’s Sabbath is by far the best resource on the history and practice of the witch’s flight. Kelden has documented numerous records of witches and their spirit travels—from the women who flew alongside the goddess Diana to the people who confessed during the inquisitions and trials, and all the way into the modern age with his own experiences. The reader is given a wealth of information, including the various kinds of spirits and activities that occur at these Otherworldly rites. He also provides helpful information to prepare the reader to make the voyage, which may seem impossible until you’ve actually done it."— Astrea Taylor, author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic

Author Bio

Kelden (Minnesota) has been practicing Traditional Witchcraft for more than a decade. He is the author of The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft. Additionally, his writing has appeared in The Witch's Altar, The New Aradia: A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance, and This Witch magazine. Kelden is also the cocreator of The Traditional Witch's Deck, and he authors a blog on the Patheos Pagan channel called By Athame and Stang. In his free time, Kelden enjoys reading, hiking, growing poisonous plants, and playing ukulele.

Jason Mankey is a third-degree Gardnerian High Priest and helps run two Witchcraft covens in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jason is a popular speaker at Pagan and Witchcraft events across North America and Great Britain. He writes a blog on Patheos Pagan called Raise the Horns. Jason is the author of several books, including The Horned God of the Witches and Transformative Witchcraft.