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Werewolf Pack Magick

A Shapeshifter's Book of Shadows

Werewolf Pack Magick
Denny Sargent By (author)

Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.

Limited ***

6.0 X 9.0 in
288 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Occultism


Run with Your Pack and Unleash Your Power with Joy and Wildness

Beyond Werewolf Magick, this lycanthropic Book of Shadows unites you with your spiritual kin and invites them to join in rituals, romps, and spells that call on the feral magick within and about you. Denny Sargent teaches you ecstatic shapeshifting experiences, newly revived from ancient traditions and designed to free you from the restrictive chains of civilization. With your pack, you will return to your true home in the heart of Mother Nature.

Werewolf Pack Magick offers a wide variety of activities, including pack initiations, shapeshifting training, werewolf divination, pack sabbat celebrations, and ancient werewolf festivals. With step-by-step guidance, Denny reveals that pack magick is intense, powerful, wildly fun, and effective. Now is the time to honor and reconnect with nature and your werewolf brothers and sisters in the Wildness.


"What Denny Sargent has put together is a useful set of effective transformative practices within a framework that brings balance of mind and body and spirit through the ritual embrace of the primal forces within. It's a continuation of a historic current with modern magical beliefs incorporated that produces a cool transformation and brings peace to folks trying to live with their inner ferocity."—Joshua Gadbois, also known as Rufus Opus, author of Seven Spheres, Goetic Grimoire, and administrator of Applied Hermetics

"Magickal rituals are much more potent when performed by a group...Thus, solo werewolf magick experiences are greatly enhanced when working within a pack, and progress is accelerated. Mr Sargent's research has convinced him of the existence of numerous group werewolf rites and festivals in the ancient world. His goal is to reintroduce these into the modern world. The path offered is that of reclaiming who we truly are and sharing the journey with like-minded individuals."—Tony Mierzwicki, author of Hellenismos

Author Bio

Denny Sargent is a writer, artist, and university instructor who has a master's degree in history/intercultural communications. He has been involved in a number of esoteric traditions and groups, including Welsh Traditional Craft, CAW, CES, Voxas Rimotae, Voodoo Spiritual Temple, Shinto, and others. He has written for magazines and anthologies in the US and Japan, and has written books and articles on Paganism, Western Occultism, spells, folklore, magick, and tantra. Denny is the author of ten books and coauthor of two more, including Werewolf Magick, Werewolf Pack Magick, and The Book of Dog Magic. He is also Elder Guardian of the Horus Maat Lodge and has edited and written parts of two books for the organization.