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Sun Signs, Houses & Healing

Build Resilience and Transform Your Life through Astrology

Sun Signs, Houses & Healing
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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Astrology / General


Use Sun Signs and Houses to Heal, Transform, and Strengthen Yourself

Uniting sun sign personality traits with the astrological power of the twelve houses, this book teaches you how to accomplish three important things: transformation, healing, and resiliency. Each chapter focuses on a sun sign and a house, exploring them separately and in connection to the planets. This beginner-friendly book provides crucial insights on all twelve signs and reveals how your personality traits help you overcome challenges and improve well-being.

Once you have your birth chart—which you can easily acquire online using your time and place of birth—Carmen Turner-Schott helps you fully understand your sun sign, providing everything from self-care affirmations to optimal strategies for healing and transformation. This well-organized book lets you quickly jump between specific signs and houses, making it easy to look up information for yourself and your loved ones.


"A unique, magical alchemy guiding the reader to paths filled with transformation. What makes this book extra special is that the author, Carmen Turner-Schott, translates the complex language of astrology into information that can instantly be put to practical use. This book is a wonderful self-healing handbook that points the way to embracing an empowering resilience to overcome any type of adversity. The author's many years of counseling experience shine through the pages and offer a positive way to perceive the world. I believe this book represents a new type of astrology that rather than only interpreting astrological symbols, this talented author encourages making the information in her book available to you to put into your own everyday life. It is a book each of us needs as a close companion."—Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Sign Karma

"An illuminating introduction to healing through astrology. Carmen Turner-Scott deftly explains the basics of astrology, demystifies the theory and terminology of the practice, and helps us with strategies for healing. Sun Signs, Houses & Healing is organized into easy to use sections, helping the reader understand the strengths and challenges of each sign. Carmen includes contradictions and complexities that go beyond simple sun sign explanations. A welcome addition to the spiritual reader's library!"—Mara Bishop, MA, author of Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys and Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence

Author Bio

Carmen Turner-Schott (St Louis, MO) MSW, LISW, is a practicing clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and astrologer with national and international clientele. She works as a sexual assault prevention and response program manager and has worked with victims of trauma for over twenty-five years. Turner-Schott has presented astrology workshops and eGroups for the Association of Research and Enlightenment, and she is the founder of Deep Soul Divers Astrology.