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Apple Cider Vinegar

Nature's Most Versatile and Powerful Remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar
Larry Jr. Trivieri By (author)
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Square One Publishers

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HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Diets


Find out why millions of people around the world have for centuries turned to apple cider vinegar as a powerful remedy for treating many of their most common health conditions and learn how you too can use it to resolve many of your own health complaints. For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a folk remedy to treat a host of health issues, from indigestion and low energy to sore throats and toothache. It is also a remarkable beauty aid that can help remove unwanted blemishes and add strength and sheen to hair. And that’s just the tip of what this amazing elixir can do.

Best-selling health author Larry Trivieri, Jr. has written this practical guide to the many well-known benefits of apple cider as well as the elixir’s newly discovered powers as a natural anti-inflammatory. Apple cider vinegar:

--Helps promote weight loss

--Lowers blood cholesterol

--Controls blood glucose levels

--Increases energy levels

--Relieves nasal congestion

--Alleviates indigestion

--Fights gum disease and toothache

--Freshens breath and whitens teeth

--Soothes bee and wasp stings

--And so much more

This book begins by looking at the long history of apple cider vinegar use and examines the science behind its many benefits. It then explains how you can choose the best apple cider vinegar, and even tells you how to make it at home. The main section of this book is a complete A-Z guide that shows you how to use apple cider vinegar to prevent and reverse over 80 common health conditions, and to improve and maintain the health and appearance of your hair, skin, teeth and gums. Each entry includes a clear discussion of the topic, explains how and why apple cider vinegar works to help each condition, and then guides you on how to most effectively use it.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the most complete and comprehensive book of its kind. By applying what you will learn in it, you will take an important step to better and longer lasting health.


"[A] handy guide to the many practical uses of this substance for health and well-being. Thoroughly accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Apple Cider Vinegar shows how this inexpensive substance can ameliorate everything from blood cholesterol to nasal congestion, indigestion, gum disease and much more. An index for ease of use rounds out this excellent supplement to health and home remedy shelves."
Midwest Book Review ("Margaret's Bookshelf") - Margaret Lane, reviewer

"Well-organized . . . [author] Larry Trivieri, Jr. trumpets the healing powers of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), providing both a cultural and historical context and a clearly laid-out, step-by-step process for its uses in the fight against 80 ailments . . . Throughout history, starting with ancient civilizations, Trivieri shows that ACV has been used for anything from digestion problems to respiratory conditions to the dressing of wounds. Hippocrates himself advocated its use . . . [Trivieri] genuinely cares about individuals treating their health seriously and leaning toward prevention rather than cure."IndieReader - Emily Martin for IndieReader

Author Bio

Larry Trivieri, Jr. is a leading writer in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. He is the author or co-author of more than 20 acclaimed books on health, including the bestseller The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, The American Holistic Medical Association Guide to Holistic Health, Health On The Edge, and Juice Alive. In addition, he served as the editor and principal writer of both editions of the landmark volume Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and has also published more than 200 health articles online and in leading publications. He is also a frequent lecturer on health-related topics, and has been a featured guest on television and radio shows nationwide.