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Toddlers Are A**holes

It's Not Your Fault

Toddlers Are A**holes
Bunmi Laditan By (author)
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HUMOR / Topic / Marriage & Family
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Life Stages / Infants & Toddlers
HUMOR / Topic / Men, Women & Relationships


At last, the book that answers the question on every parent’s mind: Why does my toddler hate me?

Okay, it’s not really hate. It’s just that a little psychopath who walks through life 100% convinced that he or she is the center of the universe does not care that you have a heart, a mind, or a soul. You are simply a skin-covered robot tall enough to reach the candy on top of the fridge. And clean up the rage-vomit when you make the fatal mistake of cutting off the crust on your toddler’s toast. (Or not cutting it off—seriously, you can’t win.)

  • The theory of toddler evolution 
  • Mealtime (AKA Hell)
  • Your unraveling life
  • And how not to die inside 

Author Bio

Bunmi Laditan is a regular contributor to,,, and The Huffington Post, and has appeared on "Good Morning America" and "CBS Sunday Morning." She lives with her family outside of Montreal.

She is the humorist behind the social media phenomenon The Honest Toddler, with 371,000 likes on Facebook and 303,000 followers on Twitter. Her newer Facebook feed for Toddlers are A**holes has 25,000 followers - and growing.