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The Little Drawing Workshop

52 Weeks of Drawing Lessons and Skill Building

The Little Drawing Workshop
Magali Cazo By (author)
Michel Lauricella By (author)
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ART / Techniques / Drawing
ART / Techniques / General


This yearlong workshop guides you through 52 weekly lessons that not only improve your technical skills but refine your personal style, preferences, and expression. The first half of the year focuses on learning and polishing the building blocks—such as line, perspective, and shading—while the second empowers you to make choices and question “methods.” Each week includes an introductory quote from art history, what (and how) to practice for the specific lesson, and further “if you have time” suggestions to build on. Going beyond simple step by step, each lesson also includes works by artists in other mediums to look up, rooting the theme in its broader artistic context. By the final assessment lesson of week 52, you’ll be more skillful and knowledgeable about drawing, and about yourself as an artist. 

Author Bio

Magali Cazo lives and works in France. She teaches drawing and color at LISAA School of Art and Design. Michel Lauricella was trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris. He’s a professor at LISAA and at Fabrica 114.

Michel Lauricella was trained at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris. He is currently a professor at Lisaa and at Fabrica 114.