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The Stencil Graffiti Manual

The Stencil Graffiti Manual
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7.0 X 9.0 in
150 pg

ART / Graffiti & Street Art
CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Mixed Media
ART / Popular Culture


Info-packed manual walks through the creative possibilities of stencil graffiti and street art, with detailed how-tos, hundreds of photos, and over a dozen interviews with top stencil artists around the world. Includes three ready-to-use stencils.

Author Bio

Christian Guémy, a.k.a. C215, is a stencil artist whose work adorns the walls of cities around the world. He often focuses on portraits of children, the elderly, refugees, people who are homeless, and random individuals he meets on the street. His studio work in a range of painting mediums is exhibited in galleries worldwide. He lives and works in Paris.