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Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques (HC)

Mastering the Enchanting Art of Carving, Turning, and Scrolling Wands

Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques (HC)
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Fox Chapel Publishing

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Conjuring up wooden wands might seem like a magical and mysterious process, but the Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques is here to show you how simple it can be! In the first-ever guide to making wands, you’ll learn how to hand carve, power carve, wood turn, and scroll saw 20 unique projects that are sure to delight and manage mischief. Be inspired with a gallery of beloved staff-carrying and wand-wielding characters from the infamous Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series – from Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, and Severus Snape to Gandalf, Saruman, and several others. Woven throughout these gallery pages are images of wands you can make in the book that are thematically similar – but distinct from – these iconic wands and staffs! Also provided is a Wand Sketchbook section as a jump-off point for you to design wands of your own, along with areas to include your original wand’s name, wood type, length, core, and special skills. From there, five wand projects for each woodworking technique are presented with step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and patterns. A complete project collection that’s truly the first of its kind, this book is a must-have source of inspiration that belongs in any muggle’s and woodworker’s library who has a love for all things fiction and fantasy!


The Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques is a whimsical, fun quest into wand making. From carving to turning, you’ll find a technique to suit your skill level.Logan Wittmer, Editor in Chief, Popular Woodworking

For those who wish to make their own wooden wand, there are four primary woodworking techniques covered here, each addressed by an expert artisan woodworker: hand carving, scroll saw, turning, and power carving. A brief history of the presence and uses of wands in a variety of cultures, from ancient Greece to northern European societies, culminates with a nod to wand lore in current popular culture. A guide to types of wood includes information about physical qualities as well as the more mystical attributes ascribed to each (this book does not make any claims about magic, instead framing this aspect in the context of what has been said by others). Each expert provides information about the required materials and tools used in that technique, followed by instructions for completing five unique wand designs. Step-by-step photos and instruction are accompanied by diagrams that can be photocopied as well as close-up color images of each completed project. A basic knowledge of woodworking and tool use is assumed. Safety information is included throughout.Booklist

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Fox Chapel Publishing publishes books, magazines, patterns, and videos for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. We inspire and inform readers who enjoy a variety of crafts and hobbies, including coloring books, woodworking, needlework, home and garden, cooking, outdoor recreation, kid crafts, Zentangle®, and more.

James Miller started carving at age 11 under the guidance of a supportive Community Education carving group. The members of this group introduced him to the Scandinavian flat-plane style, which sparked his ever-expanding interest in Scandinavian culture as a whole. This interest, and the support of mentors, family, and friends, has led him to become the youngest Vesterheim Gold Medalist woodworker, teach several classes, and demonstrate in numerous small-town events. In 2010, James’ work appeared in Woodcarving Illustrated for the first time as part of the Best Carving Design Contest. Several years later, through the encouragement of Harley Refsal, he submitted an article to Woodcarving Illustrated’s 5th Whittling edition. Since then, he has written several articles for the magazine, and in 2018, he traveled to Norway to meet with talented craftsmen and learn their techniques.

When he’s not busy with handcraft, exploring the outdoors, or spending time with his friends, James is at work developing software, where he also happily faces the same challenge he finds in his woodcarving: simplifying and abstracting ideas in unique ways.

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Barry Gross, an expert woodworker and artisan with more than 30 years of experience, specializes in transforming wood and other media such as Corian - the kitchen countertop material - into amazing pieces of art and useful every-day items. A skilled teacher who knows how to start at the beginning, Barry volunteers solutions to his own mistakes with the hope of encouraging beginners to redesign rather than recycle. Barry is a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Bucks County Woodturning Association and the Scroll Saw Association of the World. Barry was recently invited to join the prestigious Pen Makers' Guild and is named in Who's Who in 2005. His art can be seen in various art galleries including Island Earth Gallery, Langman Galleries and Wylands Sae Life Gallery in New York. In addition, he has received commissions from DuPont and for the Alien Stinger display at the New York Aquarium. His exquisite turned pens are sought after for gifting, most noteably, his Stars and Strips pen was recently gifted to House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Barry Gross is the author of Pen Turner's Workbook, Learn to Turn and a frequent contributor to Scroll Saw Workshop magazine and Woodturning Design Magazine. He lives in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.