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Space Puzzles

Space Puzzles
Dr. Gareth Moore By (author)
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Lerner Publishing Group

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9.0 X 6.8 in
32 pg

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Games & Activities / Puzzles
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Mathematics / General
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Technology / Aeronautics, Astronautics & Space Science


Don't panic, but you're alone on a space ship roaring away from Earth! Solve a series of puzzles to pilot the ship to the Moon, then refuel for the return to Earth. Devised by an expert on brain training, these mental gymnastics will help you survive your outer space ordeal! You can't skip a challenge, but there are hints to help and full answers to get you on your way.


"This entry into the Brain Game Treasure Hunts series is presented as an adventure: 'The wind is stirring up a sandstorm outside, so you are glad to get inside the pyramid.' The Indiana Jones mood is further established with a wide variety of puzzles awaiting the adventurer: mazes, riddles, hieroglyph deciphering, and more. While the text encourages the reader to solve the puzzles solo, hints and solutions can be found in the back matter for guaranteed success. The puzzles will challenge most upper-elementary students and might be a great family adventure for younger students to work through with parents. The swashbuckling story sets this nonfiction puzzler apart from other items on the nonfiction shelves, and other titles in the series take readers into the jungle, ocean, and outer space."—BooklistWebsite

Author Bio

Dr. Gareth Moore is the author of a wide range of puzzle and brain-training books for both children and adults. He lives in the UK and is also the founder of the daily brain-training site