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How Magicians Think

Misdirection, Deception, and Why Magic Matters

How Magicians Think
Joshua Jay By (author)
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PERFORMING ARTS / Acting & Auditioning
PERFORMING ARTS / Acting & Auditioning


Professional magician Joshua Jay's (author of Magic: The Complete Course) brief and fascinating essays offer an inside look at how the very best magicians think about magic, how they practice and put together a show, what inspires them, and the psychology behind creating wonder and being tricked when we expect both, as well as why we seek magic in the first place.


"[How Magicians Think] is delightful in being both a how-to book for aspiring artists and an in-depth view of the world of magic and its artisans. Jay is refreshingly candid in how he views his work, often self-deprecating, but always serious about his passion for his trade. An entertaining book from start to finish."—Booklist

“Joshua Jay is a superb, innovative conjurer with an unrelenting love of the art. This captivating book is proof of that passion.” —David Copperfield
“A loving, behind-the-scenes map of the world of magic, by someone who knows and lives the art. Swift, funny, honest, and alive with enthusiasm.    And he has the good sense to quote me a lot.” —Teller (of Penn & Teller)
“Joshua Jay has proven to be an important voice in magic. How Magicians Think is a thoughtful, engaging look into the secretive world of magicians. This book will excite anybody with a curiosity of love for magic.” —David Blaine
“How Magicians Think is fascinating, beautiful, and can't-put-down shocking. It will inspire awe in its depiction of the secretive world of magicians and is a must-read for anyone passionate about pursuing excellence.” —Uri Geller
“In How Magicians Think, the great Joshua Jay reveals a magician's greatest secret—not a secret shuffle or how they kept a dove alive in their pants for four hours —but how they think. The answer? Differently, creatively, and beautifully. I mean, how can you not love someone who's devoted their life to making you feel wonder?” —Pete Holmes, comedian and author of Comedy Sex God
“How Magicians Think is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read! Joshua Jay is a genius storyteller who has distilled a life’s worth of insights into a single book, and the result is magical.” —Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics
“A must-read for anyone who loves magic. Joshua Jay is not only a world class performer, but he is a thought-leader in magic. Whatever your passion, you'll find inspiration and motivation in these pages. I couldn't put it down.” —Jon Dorenbos, NFL Superbowl champion and best-selling author

Author Bio

Joshua Jay has performed on stages in more than 100 countries. He is a headliner at Hollywood's Magic Castle and a former World Champion in Sleight-of-Hand. He is the author of MAGIC: The Complete Course and, for children, Big Magic for Little Hands. He consulted on illusions for Game of Thrones and helped the US Postal Service with their "Art of Magic" postage stamps. Joshua has performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,The Late Show with James Corden, and he fooled Penn & Teller on their hit show, Fool Us, and he starred in his own off-Broadway magic show, Six Impossible Things