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Home Ec for Everyone: Practical Life Skills in 118 Projects

Cooking · Sewing · Laundry & Clothing · Domestic Arts · Life Skills

Home Ec for Everyone: Practical Life Skills in 118 Projects
Sharon Bowers By (author)
David Bowers By (author)
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HOUSE & HOME / Reference
COOKING / Methods / General
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Clear step-by-step instructions for everything you would have been taught in Home Ec class: cooking and baking, sewing and mending, home-keeping tips, and more--in a stylish and easy-to-use reference guide for today's DIY'ers, homeowners and renters, new adults, and anyone who wants to be more self-sufficient at home.


"Even experienced homemakers will appreciate the refresher...These skills are essential, and this guide offers clear, friendly instructions and advice for better living at home. This would be a good gift for folks on their own for the first time and will circulate widely in public and school libraries." —Booklist​

Author Bio

Sharon Bowers is the author of Ghoulish Goodies, Candy Construction, and The Lazy Way to Cook Your Meals. She lives in New York City and Dublin, Ireland

David Bowers is the author of Dad's Own Guide to Housekeeping and Bake Like a Man: A Real Man’s Cookbook. He lives in New York City and Dublin, Ireland.