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Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary
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RELIGION / Biblical Reference / Language Study
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At last—a convenient and immensely useful learning companion for students of biblical Hebrew. Designed for use with Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, this CD helps you master all the vocabulary words in the textbook lesson by lesson. Hearing the Hebrew words properly pronounced simplifies your learning process. Basics of Biblical Hebrew audio CD includes these features:

* Words given in order of Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar lessons
* Each word spoken slowly and clearly, with time after it for you to give the meaning
* Different tracks allow you to concentrate on corresponding lessons
* All words given in lexical form
* Hebrew alphabet given at beginning

Author Bio

Miles Van Pelt (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Alan Belcher Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, where he also serves as the Director of the Summer Institute for Biblical Languages and Academic Dean. Miles lives in Madison, Mississippi, with his wife, Laurie, and their four children.
Jonathan T. Pennington is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and author of the CD set Readings in the Greek New Testament.