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Summer Helliday

Summer Helliday
Jamie Rix By (author)
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Howzat! Strawberries and cream! Hayfever! School's broken up and I've got the chance to be a celebrity at last! There's a film audition in my neighbourhood and I'm determined to get the main part even if it means having to kiss Mrs Muttley's warty hands to get dancing lessons.

Mum wants to drag me off on a family caravan holiday with Granny, but that clapped-out old toilet on wheels won't come between me and super-stardom. Nor will the caravan. My big brother and sister want to ruin my chance of fame, but I've got friends in high places, and I'm not just talking about Mr E when he's on top of a skip. So watch out Mel and William! RIP. Revenge Is Planned.

Author Bio

Jamie Rix is a television producer and director of comedy, and a comedy writer for programmes such as Smith and Jones, Spitting Image and Comic Relief. His first book, Grizzly Tales for Grusome Kids was shortlisted in the 9-11 category of the 1990 Smarties prize, and judged the overall winner by the children's panel. Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids is his fifth book. Jamie lives in South London with his wife and two sons.

Robert Llewellyn has been photographing plants and landscapes for almost forty years. His photographs have been featured in major art exhibits, and more than thirty books featuring his photography are in print. His 2007 book, Empires of the Forest: Jamestown and the Beginning of America, won five national awards in nonfiction and photography, and The Capital was an official diplomatic gift of the White House and State Department.